Magnaclean Filter

A Magnaclean filter can be fitted to help you in dealing with all problems your boiler can face throughout its lifespan. If your boiler is making loud noises or if your water is cold when your central heating is turned on, then it is best you get your appliances seen to. It has been reported that a very small build up of sludge in your system can damage your entire heating system. And that is what a magnaclean filter is designed to prevent.

A magnaclean filter can be installed during a power flushing process or you can enquire to have one installed at any time. At My London Tradesman, you can apply to have a magnaclean filter installed by the same experienced professionals we send for all services.

Whether your heating system is new or old, a magnaclean filter can support both and is a key preventative method of sludge and rust build up prevention. As the smallest of build ups in your system can lead to permanent damage, we advise you to install a magnaclean filter as soon as possible so to keep your system running efficiently and save you a lot of money on bills and repairs.

A magnaclean filter only needs to be cleaned once a year. We advise that you do this while a regular boiler service is being carried out. There is no ongoing running cost for one of these filters; all it will cost is the installation fee.

If you think you may require one of our filters or want to talk to an expert on the state of your system, please visit My London Tradesman and fill out an application form. We will contact various companies and send you a quote from each, leaving you to decide who is best for what needs doing.

MagnaClean Filter