Magnaclean Central Heating Filter

A Magnaclean central heating filter is the best filter in the business for keeping your central heating functioning. The purpose of a magnaclean central heating filter is to keep your systems free from annoying metallic sludge build ups – and with magnaclean, their magnetic properties can see you through the year without needing to be cleaned.

At My London Tradesman, we want you to have the best deal with your system and we’d suggest checking out magnaclean’s central heating filters. If you’ve had a power flush done on your system, then you know the problems metallic build ups cause. With one magnaclean central heating filter – you won’t need to invest in another power flush anytime soon.

Central heating filters collect all the irritating particles and only need cleaning once a year at most. An experienced engineer will be able to install one within the hour – a great bargain, as magnaclean’s central heating filters are renowned for making your system function at its best for longer. My London Tradesman knows that energy bills are something you’d rather not think about, and with magnaclean we can assure you that your bills can go down with a magnaclean central heating filter keeping your system in shape. There is also no running cost with magnaclean – all you need to do is pay once up front.

If you are thinking of investing in a magnaclean filter or want some more information, then look no further. Just go to My London Tradesman’s website and fill out our online application form. We will then consult the best engineers for the job and send you some quotes immediately. All you need to do is decide the best deal for you.

MagnaClean Filter