A well organised and accurate inventory supports Landlords in guarding their investments. A detailed and precise inventory means Landlords can be secure in the knowledge that their property is protected.

Vankero provides a detailed and accurate inventory of the property before the tenants check in. The highly thorough process includes taking photographs and documenting furnishings, condition of the property and meter readings to guarantee accuracy. The property inventory covers all items included in the let whilst also acknowledging any existing damage. Our thorough inventory of your property sets the high standard for which the property should be maintained and returned at the end of the letting agreement.

The tenant deposit scheme makes it crucial for an independent property inventory to be carried out prior to the commencement of any let. This inventory can be effectively employed in conjunction with the tenancy agreement and reviewed during and at the end of the letting agreement to ensure that the property is well maintained and looked after. An interim inventory also allows for any changes to be noted as well as general wear and tear.

Our inventories are a good guide to use at the end of a tenancy as they help to prevent possible disputes over damages and aids in a smoother transition from one tenant to another. We provide a Property Inventory and Condition Report which is a fair and impartial record of the condition of the property and its contents.

Why Choose Us:

  • Comprehensive Inventory report
  • Fully trained competent staff with over 26 years of combined experience
  • Flexible access via agent or tenant
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Emergency same day appointments available (additional fees may apply)
  • Multiple discounts available for Landlords and Agents.

About Vankero Property Solutions

Vankero Property Solutions are a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals within the property industry, specialising in property management and property maintenance. We have highly skilled engineers and assessors operating across London and the surrounding areas providing professional services to our clients every day.
Our versatility allows us to be able to deliver a complete service, offering management and maintenance hand in hand to avoid unnecessary stress when it comes to your property. It also makes arranging annual and renewal checks less tedious and time consuming as we take full control and offer a transparent all-in-one service.
Our aim is to provide our clients with complete property solutions that are both efficient and cost effective. We understand and appreciate the pressured role of property management which is why we aim to complete all client instructions within 24-48 hours following our visit.