flush-radiators-magnaclean-filtersWhy do I need to flush radiators?

Over time metal particles, rust and corrosion form inside the radiators turns into a black sludge called iron oxide which causes blockages in the system and prevents the radiators from heating up properly and can shorten the life of your heating system.

Having a power flush done by Flush Radiators can solve these problems for you and restore your boiler to run again at its full capacity. Once this is completed a magnaclean filter should be fitted to catch the metal particles as they come loose and prevent a need for a power flush in the future.

Why do I need to flush radiators and not just have a magnaclean filter installed:

When having a power flush, the water and chemicals are flushed through at a higher velocity, allowing the particles to be moved freely around the system to a waste point. When you flush radiators it cleans them, as opposed to a magnaclean filter which catches the metal particles circulating the system. If the sludge already exists within the system you will need to flush radiators, whereas the maganclean filter is a preventative measure.

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