Installing Gas Cooker Appliances

When installing gas cooker appliances, it is important to make sure that this installation is done by a gas safe engineer especially when the gas cooker is built in to the counter top, as the installation method is very different compared to the freestanding cookers, as the freestanding gas cooker uses a flexible gas pipe whereas the built in gas hobs and ovens use a solid copper pipe, therefore it may require a more specific knowledge and skill set in order to complete the installation of the new gas cooker to a high standard.

When it comes to installing a built in gas cooker, there are general guidelines that must be followed while installing gas cooker appliances, even though there may be different requirements for the different products, for example, the distance between the hob or gas cooker must be 50mm or greater, once the hob or gas cooker is installed. Also the distance between the hob/gas cooker and the adjacent vertical surface must exceed 150mm. These are guideline that gas safe registered engineers have knowledge of, and also have the skills to install the gas cooker or hob into the counter top to a high standard without hassle or fuss. Also when installing gas cooker appliances, the electrical will have to be sorted out as well, and this cannot be done using a typical 13A plug, you must use a dedicated cooker point.

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