Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

If you are interested in the environment and wish to do your part to help the planet, then you can start by making your home more energy efficient. There are a number of steps which you can take to make sure you are not wasting heat unnecessarily.

The first step is to check that your home is properly insulated. By installing cavity wall or loft insulation you can save money on your fuel bills by making sure that heat is not being lost unnecessarily. Other steps to keep your home warm include making sure that your windows and doors are properly fitted (this is especially important for older properties) and ensuring that all of your windows have thick curtains to keep in the heat. It is a good idea to fit your household appliances, such as your toilets, sinks and showers, with energy efficient controls. Newer appliances often come with a sticker identifying them as being energy efficient. To make your central heating more efficient you can look into getting Gas Boilers Servicing to give your system a power flush. This removes sludge and debris and allows water to flow unobstructed once more.

A recent survey  has shown that “close to 90 per cent of home-buyers consider energy efficiency to be important when looking for homes”. Therefore, making your home more energy efficient will not just benefit you in the short term, but when you decide to sell your home it could make the whole process easier.

By using less energy in your homes you can reduce your energy bills and also help to cut down your carbon dioxide emissions. To find more information then please contact Gas Boilers Servicing at…..and one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to help you. We can even offer you a free quotation for our work!

Power Flushing