How to get a good EPC rating

To many people, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are not something that would appear high on a list of “ways to save money”. This is hardly surprising given their anonymity to anyone who has never sold or let a property, and has never worked in a property related role. However, due to the continuing improvements and growing influence of the EPC, it is only prudent and sensible for you to inform yourself of How to get a good EPC rating to avoid potentially nasty surprises later on by scoring a great EPC rating from the start.

EPCs are, at their most basic level, an assessment of your property. They take into consideration every element of your property that effects how energy is being used, and transforms the results into an EPC rating. The EPC rating takes the form of an energy efficiency bar chart and will place your property somewhere on a scale between grades ‘A’ and ‘G’, with ‘A’ being the home of the elite energy efficient properties. This EPC rating will be displayed prominently in any property advertisement you take out when you market it so it is important to score as highly as possible.

When thinking of how to get a good EPC rating and If you want your property to score a good EPC rating, it is important that you make sure you have taken necessary steps to ensure your property runs efficiently. You do not have to get an ‘A’ straight away, as the EPC will feature a list of ways you can improve your home, but having insulation and double glazing are two simple yet effective ways of boosting your EPC rating.

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