How to fit a Magnaclean filter

Magnaclean filters are the best brand for keeping your central heating free of irritating debris and sludge. My London Tradesman wants you to make the right choice in keeping your property fully serviced, so here is a brief guide on how an expert will fit a magnaclean filter if you choose one.

First of all, find a suitable location. The best place for a magnaclean filter is near your boiler or radiator. Installing a filter close to your main appliances will prevent debris entering them where it is most likely to form. This can work for both sealed and open-vented central heating systems.
Secondly, turn off your central heating or isolate your boiler. The magnaclean filter must be installed into cold water so that it can adapt to the different levels of heat. This is also essential as a safety caution for the engineer doing the fitting.

The engineer will remove the section of the pipe where you want the filter to be installed. Magnaclean filters can be fitted onto 22mm and 28mm pipes – the two most common types of piping. Here the engineer will attach the magnaclean filter using the screws and adaptors provided. A registered engineer always makes sure the connection is strongly tightened when the installation is over. Finally, he will fill out the magnaclean sticker provided and stick it to your boiler.

If you need any more information on central heating maintenance or other types of filters, just contact My London Tradesman. Fill in our online application form and we will put you in touch with the experts who can provide you with answers to any queries.

MagnaClean Filter