How to Fit a Gas Hob

If you search ‘How to Fit a Gas Hob’, you no longer need to worry. Gas hobs usually come in different layouts, including 4-ring, 5-ring and 6-ring. To fit a gas hob can be either to a gas or electric supply; gas hobs in the majority of cases must be fitted to a gas supply using copper hose pipes, which are soldered. Electric hobs require a connection to the property’s mains via a 3 amp switch and a fused spur for use by the sparker. There are four main types of when it comes to how to fit a gas hob:

  • Electric coil hobs are rare and radiate heat, similar to the old type of electric coil cook top. Some appliances have these elements under the smooth surface of a ceramic top.
  • Glass-ceramic hobs have radiant heating coils or infrared halogen lamps fitted as their heating elements. The surface of the cook top above the burner heats up, but the adjacent surface remains cool, due to the low heat conduction coefficient of the material.
  • Induction hobs only work with ferrous pans. The adjacent surface can be touched without burning yourself. Rather than the cooking surface heating up, a magnetic field is created between the pan and an element underneath the glass top. The Induction type is quicker to run, however they can be noisy when more than one cooking zone is in use.
  • Sealed plate hobs have fitted traditional solid electric plates to heat pots and pans.

If you need to know how to fit a gas hob, please submit your desired job on My London Tradesmen and you will receive up to three quotes from three different companies most suited to your requirements. Only gas safe registered engineers can it gas hobs and all tradesmen that are suggested to you are trustworthy, receive up-to-date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. The steps to take are simple, in order to ensure that you understand how to fit a gas hob in your new home.