Know how to Disconnect a Gas Cooker

To disconnect a gas cooker is a delicate process, which should only be carried out by a qualified engineer. By legally hiring a professional, you will avoid having to disconnect a gas cooker yourself, which can result in the risk of leaks, as well as paying a fine or imprisonment. Although there are different brands of gas cookers, different steps will be incorporated to disconnect a gas cooker safely. This is all taken seriously to avoid unnecessary costs for repair, replacement or wider damage to the property.

Firstly, the procedure of how to disconnect a gas cooker involves removing the bayonet to check for leaks surrounding the gas cooker; to be sure everything is safe before disconnecting. The supply shut-off valve is turned off prior to this and any plugs will be removed from their sockets to move the gas cooker away from the wall.The installer must then seal the connector and the engineer will ensure the disconnection is safe and successful. Freestanding, dual fuel and range gas cookers have a flexi-hose, which enable them to be moved easily. If you are only pulling out a cooker slightly to clean behind it, you will therefore not need to disconnect it, only when you need to remove the actually pipe from the gas supply or cooker, will you need to disconnect it. Do not stretch the hose too much as the connection would then become loose.

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