Heating Service

At My London Tradesman, we can help you find the best deals for any heating services. The ones we specialise in, however, are power flushes and magnetic filter installation and maintenance checks on all types of boilers and radiators.

Here’s a brief explanation of the heating services we like to offer for your heating systems:
Power flushes: a simple and inexpensive service where an engineer will pump your system full of chemicals to corrode any ferrous metals and sludge that can build up in your system. Sludge from hard water is the maiden cause of most heating systems failing and radiators refusing to turn on when you want them. Power flushing your system can extend the lifespan of your heating system plus save you money on your energy bills. Power flushing can be done either by an engineer and we at My London Tradesmen can suggest experienced local engineers for you!

Magnetic filter installation: power flushes are great services, but to keep you powerflush investment safe, magnetic filters are the way to go. Magnetic filters can stop any kinds of magnetic and nonmagnetic metals entering your system and breaking your heating down. They have no running cost and can be fitted in less than five minutes by an engineer.

Want to know more about the best heating services on offer? Just come to the My London Tradesman website, fill in our application form and we will put you in touch with the best people for the job.

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