Gas Safety Certificate in London

Can you remember when the last time it was that you had your gas appliances checked? With modern lifestyles today we often take the basic domestic items around us for granted and assume they will always be in working order whilst we get on with our busy lives, but this is not usually the case. Can you imagine waking up one morning to no hot water or working cooker? Or worse still, not having regular gas checks could leave you at risk of death.This is why it is important to own a Gas Safety certificate. A report into the state of the rental market reveals that 34% of people are living in properties which have out-of-date gas safety check records, with 14% of tenants claiming the last gas safety check was carried out more than 12 months ago.

Moreover, if you are a landlord you are legally required to own a gas safety certificate, as it could lead to prosecution such as in the case of “Onyemauche Peel,” Thamesmead London. She had not been ensuring Landlords’ Gas Safety Checks were routinely carried out in at least four properties between 2003 and 2010. Two boilers had to be turned off because they were in such a dangerous condition that tenants lives were at risk. Peel was fined £2000 and made to carry out 150 hours of community service. Ultimately, her negligence could have caused the deaths of the families living in the four homes because she did not service her gas appliances and acquire a gas safety certificate.

If you are a resident or a landlord it is important that you arrange a gas check annually and make sure that you posses an up to date gas safety certificate. At Fitting a cooker we provide professional engineers who can check your gas appliances and if all is clear you will be given a gas safety certificate. As a landlord you would naturally want to ensure the safety of your tenants and avoid prosecution.

Gas Safety Certificate