Gas safety Certificate in EN5 Barnet

Homeowners and landlords that may be thinking of renting out their property need to be aware of what they need to have before they can rent out their property. One of the things that they need is a gas safety certificate in EN5 Barnet and to get one you need a gas safe registered engineer to inspect and assess the gas appliances in the property and they will tell you if your appliances are safe to use. If they tell you that they are not safe, you must get the relevant repairs and then book another gas safety certificate inspection. You must get the gas safety certificate before the tenants’ moves in to the property or you could be liable for any injuries that the tenants suffer, caused by the gas appliances you have provided.

Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences that you can face, but added to that is the fact that if you are taking your cooker with you, which will have to be it installed again, so make sure you get a gas safe registered engineer to complete the installation. With gas safe registered engineers, they have the knowledge and skill to complete the job quickly and safely. Having an unregistered engineer is actually illegal and can present many dangers in your home from gas explosions to carbon monoxide performing. Getting a cooker service at least once a year is beneficial to you if you would like to prolong the life of your cooker and reduce the chance of breakdowns.

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