Freestanding Gas Cooker Installation

It is imperative that you never try to complete a freestanding gas cooker installation yourself as this is not only illegal but could also be potentially very dangerous. One of the main reasons for hiring a professional for a freestanding gas cooker installation is because of their vast amounts of knowledge and wide skill set. A professional gas engineer will always ensure that the connection to your freestanding gas cooker is made safe and tested for any leaks once an installation has been completed.

Freestanding gas cookers require a hose and usually your gas safe engineer who installs your cooker can supply this for you. It is a legal requirement that a Gas Safe registered engineer must be the only person carry out a freestanding gas cooker installation in any property. Gas Safe replaced CORGI on 1st April 2009.

The freestanding gas cooker installation connection is made using a flexible cooker hose. This allows you to pull out the cooker to clean behind.

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