If you are thinking about having a power flush, or know anybody who is, then I am sure you wish to know a little more about how the whole process works. When flushing central heating systems Gas Boilers Servicing engineers connect a Kamco power flush machine directly to the heating system. They do not even need to take off the radiators. Usually when flushing heating systems the Kamco machine is connected to either the tails of a radiator, the boiler or a standard circulator pump coupling. The machine then flushes water and chemicals individually though the radiators. This means that the sediment and sludge blocking your radiator pipes will be loosened by the water, or dissolved by the chemicals, leaving your system clear.

You may ask yourself whether a power flush is really something you need. For over 50% of home owners in the UK the answer is yes! It is important to remove the sludge which builds up and prevents the smooth running of your heating system. Moreover, it is not only older homes that are in need of power flushing. The warranty on a new boiler may not be valid if there was no power flush of the existing radiators and pipes before its installation. Flushing central heating systems is also something which might interest you if you are environmentally conscious, as it is more energy efficient.

Flushing heating systems can take just 4-8 hours if done by a professional engineer. Moreover, with Gas Boilers Services there is no need to stress as we provide an excellent service and our engineers receive all the latest training. So rest assured that you are in safe hands for flushing heating systems.

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