Flushing central heating

Your central heating system is most important to your property, especially as we’re still in the cold winter months. But it is always prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, and this is more likely to happen if your system is several years old.

The best form of service to keep your central heating functioning is by getting your system flushed. This is a very simple and affordable process which can only take a few short hours. All you need to do is book a qualified engineer – whom My London Tradesman can find – and have them connect your central heating to a power flushing tank. This will pump your system full of chemicals, which corrode metallic particles and irritating sludge which builds up in your system over time because of the hard water running through your appliances.

Power flushes are affordable, retailing around £199 for up to 4 radiators. The most expensive for up to 15+ radiators costs £329. If you want to make sure your system is completely free from build ups of sludge all year round, we could interest you in a magnetic filter. These keep your system free of all magnetic and nonmagnetic particles that build up in your system. These are cheaper than power flushes at around £120 each with no running cost.

Additionally, if you want to service your central heating from home – magnaclean, the leading producer of magnetic filters has just released the Magnacleanse, a home power flushing kit. This retails around £350 and lets you flush your entire central heating from home in less than 2 hours.

Think you need a central heating flush or want more information, just come to My London Tradesman’s website and fill out our application. We will put you in touch with the best people to talk to.

Power Flush