Flushing central heating system

Not that many people know it, but the central heating system of a property is always at risk of breakdowns or using too much energy. The common cause of this is sludge build ups in the boiler and radiators. And the most common solution to these problems is power flushing central heating system.
The process of flushing central heating system is recommended by all leading central heating maintenance companies and manufacturers of heating appliances. It’s a very simple process consisting of an engineer hooking your central heating system to a power flushing tank that pumps chemicals into your water supply.

The chemicals corrode the sludge that builds in your central heating system and flushes out the debris. The power flushing device will then neutralise your water with neutralising crystals, leaving it safe.
Flushing central heating system is not an expensive investment and doesn’t need to be done regularly. Finding the best deals on power flushing your central heating is where My London Tradesman steps in. We urge any customer to look into a power flushing and we only go to the experts who know their trade.

Also available for protecting your central heating system from breakdowns and blockages is the magnetic system filter. These are also very cheap investments and My London Tradesman would suggest looking into getting one of these investments as well. These magnetic installations detect and prevent all magnetic and nonmagnetic sludge from entering the system.

If you think your central heating systems needs flushing, or want to know more about the symptoms of central heating issues, just let us know. Come to the My London Tradesman website and fill out our online application form. We will then search for the best offers for you and let you decide the best deal.

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