Filter for central heating system

Of all the essentials for your property, the central heating and running water are the most important. Because these two essentials collaborate to keep your property warm, it is inevitable to keep them running efficiently. One of the best ways of maintaining that efficiency is through filters for the central heating system.

The biggest causes of damage and breakdowns in your central heating are lime scale and iron oxide build ups; these are carried into your central heating system through the hard water that is always running through your appliances. By installing a central heating filter, these ferrous particles will be detected and held back before they enter your system and keep your radiator and boiler from functioning properly.
It has been reported that the smallest build up of sludge in your central heating can cause serious damage. Central heating filters are specially designed to detect magnetic and nonmagnetic particles and store them so they do not contaminate your heating and water supply.

By keeping this sludge out of your central heating, a filter can aid in saving you money on your energy bills and can help in reducing CO2 emissions from your property – so you’re saving the planet as well as your money.

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MagnaClean Filter