Fernox Magnetic Filter

The Fernox TF1 magnetic filter is a central heating filter designed to remove iron oxide and other ferrous metal from your central heating system. With the Fernox magnetic filter you know you are protected from contamination at the times you need your central heating most.

The Fernox contains special magnets that can detect both magnetic and nonmagnetic materials that enter your system through the hard water that is pumped through your appliances every day. Energy bills will be lower than expected and your central heating’s life will be prolonged when you install a Fernox magnetic filter.

It is a very easy to install application. A trained engineer, whom My London Tradesman can put you in touch with, can attach the magnetic filter to your system in a matter of minutes. Fernox comes in two sizes: 28mm and 22mm to suit the most common piping around.

As it comes with a built in tap, the Fernox magnetic filter is incredibly easy to clean – which only needs to happen once a year. You also don’t need to remove the magnetic filter when you have a power flush done to your system. (Please remember to turn your central heating off before you install any magnetic filters).

Want to know more about the best in magnetic filters? Or want to talk to a specialist about the welfare of your heating? Just come to the My London Tradesman website and fill out our online application form. We will then contact you with quotes from the best people in the business and let you decide who to go to.

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