Facts about Double Oven Installation

There are various facts about double oven installation you need to consider. A Double Oven Installation can only be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer, as trying to attempt the process without the correct skills or knowledge is illegal and could eventually result in gas leaks or defects with the appliance. The advantage of installing a double oven is that there is more than one cooking option and its size means that it is more suitable for kitchens that have considerable space. Before the double oven installation process, all gas circuits will need to be switched off by the professional engineer and it is preferred that the cabinet space has a solid bottom. Otherwise, braces would have to be fitted underneath the double oven that is going through installation. These braces should be able to hold at least 375 pounds; the average weight of a double oven.

The next step of a double oven installation is the door from the appliance being removed. The engineer does this by unscrewing the door, then sliding the appliance into the front of the cabinet. As soon as this is fixed, 3/32 inch holes are drilled in the edge of the cabinet through the mount holes used for the installation of the double oven along the side of the opening. Screws fasten the oven to the cabinet securely, before completing this gas oven installation by trimming where necessary. Copper piping connects the appliance to the gas supply, due to it not needing to move for cleaning purposes etc.

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