Electrical Safety Certificate for Students

Electrical Safety Certificates are always an important part of ensuring your property is safe and these should be carried out by a professional and qualified engineer at regular intervals. Electrical safety certificates are one of the areas a property must comply with before its ready to let.

If you are a student and you are worried that the electrical equipment in the property that you are renting is faulty and may be a risk, you should report this to your landlord so he can show you his Electrical Safety Certificate for Students at his property. For properties in England and Wales, it is your landlord’s responsibility to make sure the electrical system (e.g. sockets and light fittings) is safe to use and this should be maintained throughout your stay at the property. Your landlord should make sure that you are given copies of operating and safety instructions for the equipment on the premises and regular checks should be carried out. Also, your landlord needs to make sure all appliances such as cookers and kettles are also safe to use. You should try to regularly check the condition of plugs and cables and remove plugs from sockets safely. You should never try and carry out any DIY repairs on electrical appliances. Using electrical appliances in the bathroom and using electrical appliances with wet hands are other things that should never be attempted.

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