E11 Leytonstone | magnaclean filters

Do you live in the E11 Leytonstone area and think your boiler and radiators need assistance? Then My London Tradesman is just the place for you. We service anyone around London and the surrounding areas and E11 Leytonstone is one of our primary service areas.

If the boilers and radiators in your E11 Leytonstone property are making strange noises or are failing to warm up – it could be that your central heating has been contaminated by sludge and iron oxide building up in the hard water that runs through your appliances. One of the first and foremost solutions to this problem is a magnaclean filter.

Magnaclean filters are specially designed to detect and block all types of magnetic and nonmagnetic particles that build up in your system and can lead to breakdowns or sky high energy bill costs. Your E11 Leytonstone property is what we want to protect and keep you safe in the winter months – so magnaclean filters are what we would urge you to look into to keep yourself and your property fully serviced all year round.

There are plenty of qualified engineers around the E11 Leytonstone area whom we can contact for you. My London Tradesman only goes to the most qualified of engineers so you don’t get landed with a cowboy engineer who could leave you in danger. Each of the engineers we go to would suggest that a magnaclean filter is an excellent solution to sludge damaging your central heating.

Come to the My London Tradesman website and fill out our online application. We can find the best people in the business to service you with only the best advice available. Whether it’s servicing or just advice on magnaclean filters, just come and ask.

MagnaClean Filter