Drain a Radiator

If you are experiencing problems with your heating or hot water system, such as cold spots on radiators or an inconsistent supply of hot water you may need to drain a radiator. The best way to drain a radiator is to have one of Gas Boilers Servicing fully qualified and trained engineers give your central heating system a power flush. If not undertaken by a professional it can be a very messy and time consuming process to drain a radiator.

Once your radiator has been effectively drained your heating system will immediately start working more effectively, meaning that your heating bills will be reduced. As well as saving money if you drain a radiator you will be saving energy, thus doing your part for the environment. A power flush can help to remove harmful and dangerous sediment deposits, including limescale and iron oxide from your system. This sludge can be corrosive if left to build up, which will result in you having to replace your whole system sooner. During the power flush a mixture of water and chemicals will be flushed around the system, this will help to loosen even hard deposits from your pipes.

At Gas Boilers Services we are committed to using only the highest quality machinery to ensure that you get the best possible service. For our power flushes we use KAMCO professional machines and also recommend fitting the celebrated MagnaClean professional filter to your system to further prevent sludge building up. We are so confident in the quality of our services that we offer you a 12 month guarantee! Our customers all agree that power flushing is definitely money well spent, as their homes were easier to heat and hot water was more readily available after the power flush.

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