Leaking radiator?

Do you have a leaking radiator? A leaking radiator is an extremely common and frustrating problem for a lot of people. You may be tired of replacing your flooring or carpet as a result of a leaking radiator. So is there a solution to the ever problematic leaking radiator? Yes.

A leaking radiator often stems from underlying problems within the central heating system. The constant flow of water leads to corrosion of the lining of the radiator. This causes a build up of corrosive hydrogen and iron oxide sludge inside the radiators and pipes of the central heating system. A leaking radiator is a result of this built up deposits as it prevents the water from flowing properly through the radiator.

Other common central heating problems alongside a leaking radiator include cold spots on your radiator, noisy boilers and fluctuating water temperatures which are also due to the accumulation of the sludge in the radiators and pipes. Not only does this cause higher gas and energy bills, it is likely to lead to the eventual break down of your whole central heating system!

A leaking radiator can be a thing of the past when with a Power Flush to your central heating system. Flushing radiators not only eliminate the debris for more efficiency, it improves heating and lowers gas bills. Using a Power Flushing machine, qualified engineers cleanses the central heating system and eliminates the unwanted sludge from the radiators. They attach the machine to the tail of the radiator and pump water and a chemical cleaning agent to dislodge and pump out the debris from the radiators. After flushing the radiators, the engineer will also pump clean water into the radiators and pipes to replace all the dirty water with pH neutral water. The process usually takes between 4-8 hours depending on the size and condition of your central heating systems.

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