Cooker Disconnection

A cooker disconnection must only ever be completed by a professional, qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Completing a cooker disconnection can be a very intricate process with severe consequences if not completed correctly. Under any circumstances should you ever try and remove a cooker, oven or hob yourself. Not only is this very dangerous but it is also illegal. Disconnecting a cooker yourself can result in paying a costly fine or even worse, imprisonment.

If the cooker is being disconnected to change location, a new gas line will need to run from the main gas shut-off valve to the new desired location. The gas will need to be capped off before any works can be completed. Once this has been done the relocation of your gas appliance can commence.

If you are simply moving the cooker out of its space for cleaning purposes, you will not need a professional to disconnect the cooker. A flexi hose is used for freestanding, dual fuel and range cooker connections, which allows the cooker to be moved. When moving a cooker for cleaning, you must ensure the cooker hose has not been stretched too much and therefore come loose from the connection.

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