Commercial EPCs EC4 Fleet Street

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (Commercial EPCs) are very useful for any business that wants to cut down the amount of money they are spending on their energy bills. Having been the home of the Press in the United Kingdom, EC4 Fleet Street is used to having a lot of commercial properties using vast amounts of energy. Well, given the perceived lack of interest in the business world of improving their energy efficiency levels, Commercial EPCs were created and implemented in order to make sure everyone is doing their bit for the environment. They also have the added bonus of making energy bills cheaper.

To make Commercial EPCs even more efficient at improving the energy ratings of our nation’s businesses, the EPCs have been given stricter rules and regulations for companies to conform to. To kick off the New Year, Commercial EPCs are required for all properties within 7 days of placing them on the property market, possibly extended to 21 days but only for extremely good reasons. The energy efficiency score, taken from the energy rating on the bar chart, is to be attached to any property advertisements to make sure everyone who is interested in the property will know how well it performs energy wise. EC4 Fleet Street companies will be legally required to meet a minimum score of E in their energy efficiencies by 2018.

If you want, or need, to have a Commercial EPC produced for your EC4 Fleet Street business, fill in our online form and My London Tradesmen will contact companies on your behalf. We will then supply you with up to 3 quotes, allowing you to reach an informed and reasoned decision regarding which tradesman you want to employ to complete your Commercial EPC.

All of the tradesmen we supply quotes from have received up to date training and are registered with all the necessary bodies. We only use reputable and trustworthy tradesmen.