Central heating magnetic system filter

A central heating magnetic system filter uses a special magnetic system to detect any debris that enters your central heating system. Magnetic system filters, like the magnaclean professional, use a system that detects both magnetic and nonmagnetic metal particles which cause ferrous build-ups in your boiler and radiator.

You can tell your central heating has a problem if your radiator has gone cold or your boiler is making irritating noises while working. This can be because ferrous metal is building up in your appliances and needs to be flushed out. Your first choice of action could be to get a power flush done to your central heating – but a central heating magnertic system filter can act as a brilliant insurance policy on a power flush. Because a power flush can be expensive and take several hours to carry out, investing in a magnetic central heating filter is much cheaper and they prolong the life of your system.

Plus, in a power flush, your central heating system is pumped full of chemicals which can fill your water with acid and alkaline. Even though these are removed and the water is neutralised at the end of your power flush, a central heating magnetic system filter, saves your water from contamination by keeping it free from any chemicals.

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