Central Heating Magnetic Filter Installation

A central heating magnetic filter can be fitted into your boiler to increase the life and efficiency of your central heating system. It is suggested that following a power flush you look to install this filter in order to prevent any recurrence of limescale, rust and sludge that may have existed within the system. A central heating magnetic filter seeks to eliminate the build up of iron oxide that occupies your boiler and radiator pipes.

Thick sludge deposits, as the result of iron oxide contamination, pose a serious threat to your heating system and can induce the premature failure of pumps and valves. Contamination of such particles will also dramatically reduce the efficiency of your boiler, leaving you the signs that your boiler needs replacing. It is therefore crucial that you pursue the installation of a central heating magnetic filter. I think we can all agree that cold radiators are extremely undesirable, especially during the winter months, and the cost and effort it takes to fully replace your boiler is a process that is best avoided.

The powerful, compact central heating magnetic filter uses the process of magnetisation to eradicate all iron oxide and other similar debris that lie within the system. The installation is a seemingly effortless and time efficient process that will also come at a reasonable cost. Within a matter of hours your central heating system will be free of all unwanted material and will return your home to a place of warmth and comfort.

In the long term, the central heating magnetic filter will guarantee you savings in energy bills as your heating system becomes more efficient. The installation will mean cold nights will be a thing of the past and you will be left in the hands of a safe, secure and revitalized central heating system that will survive the lifespan of your boiler. My London Tradesmen will provide you with 3 quotes, just as soon after you fill out our online form, allowing you to decide which tradesman fits your central heating magnetic filter. All of our tradesmen are reputable and extremely reliable.

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