Central Heating Flushing

Have you ever noticed your boiler making strange banging noises? Does your radiator have any cold spots? Or is it in need of frequent bleeding? Do you have an inconsistent supply of hot water, or have you observed any small leaks coming from the radiators or the surrounding pipes? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are in need of a central heating flushing.

A central heating flushing is a cleaning process which helps to remove sludge, corrosive deposits, limescale and rust from your heating system. These deposits block the pipes of your central heating system, meaning that it works less efficiently. This makes it more expensive to heat your home and water. By having a central heating flushing you can significantly reduce your heating bills.

At Gas Boilers Servicing we have a large number of professionally qualified engineers who can fix this problem in just 4-8 hours, depending on the condition and size of your system. Our experienced engineers use a power flushing machine to flush cleaning chemicals and water through your heating system, effectively unblocking your pipes. With clean pipes your central heating can work at its maximum capacity again. A central heating flushing is also often vital in order to gain a warranty on a new boiler.

As well as central heating flushing, at Gas Boilers Servicing we can also fit a Magna Clean filter to your boiler; this will remove any unwanted magnetic debris which may build up over time. It only takes a small amount of magnetic deposit to reduce the efficiency of your system. By installing a Magna Clean you can ensure that you manage to keep your central heating in good working order and keep your fuel bills low. 

Central Heating Flush