Boiler Servicing: Residents of the W2 Paddington, West London area

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Boiler servicing can resolve common central heating problems which can be extremely troublesome to your day-to-day activities. Common central heating problems include leaky radiators, cold spots on your radiator and fluctuating hot water temperatures. Problems specific to the boiler includes strange noises from the boiler fan, a drop in your boiler pressure of your boiler and changing colours of the flame inside your boiler. All of these problems are symptoms of a boiler and central heating system that is not functioning at its optimum level.

If you noticed any of these issues in the boiler of your W2 Paddington, West London home, you are in need of boiler servicing. During the boiler servicing, the engineer inspects all components of your boiler including the heat exchanger and ignition. The engineer inspects, fixes and cleans all components of your boiler to have it functioning at an efficient level. Other boiler servicing can also include having a MagnaClean Filter fitted to the boiler of your W2 Paddington, West London property. Customers often have a MagnaClean Filter fitted after an engineer performs a Power Flush to their central heating system. So if you want your whole central heating system working at its best, you could also opt for a Power Flush as well.

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