Boiler Maintenance

It’s still the winter months so heating is going to be a very big thing in your property right now. But if you don’t think you’re getting the best results with your heating system, you might need to seek some boiler maintenance. At My London Tradesman we send experienced engineers to offer the finest boiler maintenance for anything that might be affecting your system.

Boiler maintenance can range from any fault – such as a build up of debris or sludge in the pipes of your system, to any gas repairs with your gas boiler. We are aware of the dangers carbon monoxide leaks can have on you so we would advise you seek boiler maintenance regularly. If you have a boiler that is several years old and hasn’t been checked, we would urge you to find boiler maintenance immediately.
Our experienced engineers are well trained in working on faulty appliances or carrying out power flushes and bleeding radiators, so you can rest assured that you are safe when consulting My London Tradesman. We only take on engineers who are registered with Gas Safe, so no cowboy engineers will be knocking on your door when you order boiler maintenance.

We can specialise in all types of boiler maintenance, so if your boiler is gas, electric or steam powered then we can find qualified people to help you. Your safety and welfare is our priority so boiler maintenance is treated as equally important as every other service we offer.

Think you need your boiler looked at? No problem. Just go to the My London Tradesman website and fill out our online application form. We will find quotes from up to three of the best qualified engineers and get back to you. We will then leave you to decide the best deal for you.

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