Boiler Installation, Replacement and Upgrade

Having a boiler installation, replacement and upgrade is not only a great idea for reducing costs in the home, due to the rising efficiency of modern boilers in comparison to older boilers (most new condensing boilers run at an efficiency of over 90% – most older boilers are less than 70%) but also new boilers have a much lower environmental impact, which is something we should all be made aware of.

A Boiler installation, replacement and upgrade is not something an untrained member of the general public should attempt to do. When looking for a boiler installer, it is of the utmost importance that they are Gas Safe registered (replacement of Corgi). You can check this by looking up the companies’ Gas Safe number on the Gas Safe register website.

Some homes do not have a boiler, but instead may be heated by a warm air heating system / electric heaters. In this boiler installation case, the old system will need to be ripped out and disposed of in order for the new boiler installation to take place. Piping will be laid throughout the home, radiators and thermostatic valves (TRV’s) will need to be installed and then the boiler will need to be plumbed in. This can be costly, however, over time you will recoup the money based on the savings you will make on fuel consumption charges due to the energy efficiency of the new gas boiler systems.

Many people choose to upgrade their central heating system and have a combination boiler installed (often referred to as a combi boiler). This is mainly due to its convenience, as system / conventional heating systems will heat a copper cylinder located often in an airing cupboard using a boiler to provide hot water and tends to be more costly. A combi boiler will heat the water needed from within its unit, and is combined with a central heating system, so is able to do both heating and water from one place (a separate tank and cylinder would no longer be required). This will give you more storage space as well as the benefit of instant, direct hot water. A boiler upgrade will also give you the opportunity to have a more energy efficient boiler installed thus saving you money on your gas bills every month (usually in the region of 30% saving). Modern boilers are known to be more reliable and efficient, lasting longer than older models, once a boiler becomes not only inefficient, but unreliable, it is highly recommended that it is replaced. Some older boilers can even be dangerous if over-used and worn, with the risk of dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide which if undetected can lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

A boiler replacement or upgrade is another option where you can have the old conventional / system boiler removed and replaced with the same style of boiler. The features of this set up include the presence of a boiler which is situated separately from a hot water cylinder and cold water tank. This type of gas boiler would be best placed in a home where water pressure is low or a home that has more than two bathrooms or more than 5 bedrooms.

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